CSM Terms & Conditions

Fees & Payments

  • A €50.00 registration payment is required with each application to study at CSM. This registration is automatically deducted from your invoice upon enrolment with the school. This payment will only be refunded if CSM are unable to offer you a suitable place.
  • Parents are requested to give more than one choice of day and time as places are very limited.
  • Submitting a completed Application Form does not constitute an offer of a place or obligation to accept a place when offered.
  • Places can only be reserved with receipt of a completed application form, registration fee or full fee.
  • Once a place has been confirmed and accepted by you, the full fee is due to secure your child’s place
  • Registration payments are non-refundable. However, if the class for which you have registered does not run, your remittance will be returned immediately.
  • Payment can be made by cash or card at reception at our Ongar Centre.
  • Fees can also be paid online at Payzone or by bank transfer. Charges may apply with Payzone.
  • For security reasons, we only accept cheque, postal order or bank draft through the post.
  • The school reserves the right to make changes to class timetables or teachers.
  • Classes run subject to minimum enrolment.
  • An annual re-registration fee of €50.00 is due by 14thMay of each year to secure your child’s place for the next academic year. Failure to comply with this by the closing date may result in the student losing their individual place. This fee is an intrinsic part of the annual yearly tuition fee. The school fee invoice in September will automatically be adjusted downwards by €25.00 in each semester to take account of this re-registration payment. The registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Where a parent makes a re-registration payment at Payzone ONLY and does not submit a re-registration form, CSM will automatically assume that the student requires no changes to their timetable and the student will  be re-registered in the same class(es) for the forthcoming year.
  • All fees are payable at the commencement of each term. Failure to comply with this may result in suspension of classes until the account has been settled.
  • Any discounts must be applied/claimed at the time of enrolment only and for the current term only.
  • Fees for exam entries in musicianship and instrumental tuition are paid directly to the examining board. It is the responsibility of parents / students to ensure they enter for their exam by the deadline date. All students are notified at their lesson when they are due.
  • Fees at CSM may be subject to review.


  • Musicianship theory is compulsory for all students receiving instrumental tuition up to and including Grade V. However, it is highly recommended that the serious student continue with theory after completing Grade V, particularly if they are studying for Leaving Certificate and/or intend to study music at third level education.
  • In Musicianship/Theory, Preparatory Grade – Grade II is taught over 1 academic year and the students sit their exam in May of each year. From Grade III –Grade VIII, the syllabus is taught over three  Consequently, Grade III will take place in December, Grade IV in May, Grade V in December, Grade VI in May, Grade VII in December and Grade VIII in May.
  • Theory & MMA classes with up to 5 students are of 30 minutes duration.
  • Theory & MMA classes with over 5 students are of 40 minutes duration.
  • Should a Group Theory class fall to 2 students the duration will be reduced to 20 minutes.
  • In exceptional circumstances, where a parent requests not to have a group theory class and would like a separate class for their child, this can be organised subject to availability. Fees for this class revert to the standard cost of fees for such a class as advertised on our website.
  • Lessons cancelled by students regrettably cannot be given later.
  • If your teacher has to cancel classes due to unavoidable circumstances, these classes will be given later either by extending the semester or organising a mutually convenient time between the teacher and the student/parent.
  • All classes take place subject to minimum numbers. Where the minimum number is not reached, the school reserves the right to run / cancel the class. In the event of a class being established that have not met with the required numbers, the class time will be shortened or fees will be altered accordingly to accommodate the smaller group or individual class established. You reserve the right to accept/decline the place offered.
  • It would be appreciated if parents could ensure that their child attends regularly and on time for class as this is of the utmost importance for your child’s enjoyment and success.
  • It is expected that parents/guardians will collect their children at the appointed time. There is no provision for supervision of students either before or after their lesson time.
  • Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress or indeed any other relevant issue with your child’s teacher, as a courtesy to the next student, this should be done at the commencement of your child’s lesson and not at the commencement of the next student’s lesson.
  • All instruments other than piano require accompaniment in examinations. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to organise an accompanist. However, you can discuss this with your teacher and he/she may be able to recommend a suitable accompanist. Accompanist’s fees are the responsibility of the student/parent.

Concerts & Performances

  • For concert performances, CSM cover the cost of the student’s rehearsal on the day and accompaniment at the concert. If a student requires further rehearsals prior to the concert, accompanist’s fees are the responsibility of the student / parent.
  • At concert performances, CSM regularly organise photos and videos of student performances for website and archive purposes. It is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to ‘OPT OUT’ of photos / videos at events.
  • At concert performances, as per the directive of the Early Childhood Network, parents attending their children’s concerts / presentations are permitted to take photos or video provided that any media taken is for personal use only. If you prefer that other attendees refrain from videoing / photographing your child, please advise the teacher hosting the concert prior to the performance or contact the office prior to the event.
  • Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner while on the premises. Respect for fellow students, teachers, equipment, resources and facilities are imperative.
  • We would ask parents to be courteous and polite to office and teaching staff at all times. Parents who do not comply may be asked to remove their child from the school.
  • All parents contact details are automatically placed on our Student Mailing List and SMS Text Message List in order to keep you updated with information / timetables / dates for your diary.
  • If a parent decides to remove their child from classes for personal reasons, we regret that fees cannot be refunded. If the student is leaving after a semester has already begun, half of the semester fee is payable to CSM.
  • If a student leaves who has recently sat a music exam, it is the parent’s responsibility to contact the school to organise collection of their child’s exam results and certificate.