Vowel Power Choir

Vowel Power Choir

A – E – I – O – U,
the Vowel Power is here for you.
Come and join us to sing and play,
Our rehearsal starts at 5 every Wednesday!

We are delighted to invite your children to our Vowel Power Choir. All students of CSM are welcome to join. External students are also welcome.

Bringing a wealth of choral and pedagogical experience, charisma and joy, the choir is led by our dynamic and wonderful Tünde Hodosán-Egan. The goals of the choir are:

to Appreciate and produce musical skills,
to Experience the remarkable harmonies,
to Increase memory and concentration ,
to Obtain a beautifully balanced sound,
to Uplift and motivate.

The benefits of singing in a choir are immense. From a musical perspective, singing together develops the child’s pitch, rhythm, musical memory, concentration, language, diction and intonation. In terms of personal growth, singing together develops cognitive brain function, socialization, communication, self-confidence and poignantly post-covid, is fantastic for your child’s mental health to unwind, destress and get those endorphins moving and rocking to the beat. What’s not to love, love, love?

Vowel Power (ages 8-15 Years)

Conductor: Tünde Hodosán-Egan BA (Mus. Perf)

Wednesdays 17:00-17:40, Studio One, Ongar Centre

Email info@castleknockschoolofmusic.com to join!