CSM Students RIAM Theory Online Exams


 We would like to wish all our students sitting online theory exams this forthcoming Saturday the very best of luck.


Please see details below for your information. You will be receiving an email from the RIAM over the next couple of days.


Please print off your theory paper at the earliest opportunity and do some practice on the system as soon as it is available to you.


Some helpful notes below for you here.


Very best wishes,


CSM Admin Team


How to Access and Work Through Your Online Theory Exam –


Saturday 14th November 2020 - Midday - 18.00pm


(please note that you will only be allowed the usual amount of time for the grade exam once you log in to their system)


This document is compiled by CSM as a quick synopsis of how to access your exam on the day of your theory exam.


1.     Download and PRINT your exam paper from the RIAM email. You cannot do your exam without this paper.


2.     Have your APPLICANT NUMBER and email address associated with your APPLICANT NUMBER to hand as you will need this to access the exam online.


3.     Have pencil, sharpener and eraser ready for your exam.


4.     Young children sitting a theory exam should be supervised at home during the exam process.


5.     Read the questions online.


6.     Some of the questions require you to type the answer in on your computer in the boxes provided for you.


7.     Some of the questions require you to write the answers in the exam paper that you have printed out. Write in the answers clearly. When your paper exam is finished, take photos of the paper and upload to the RIAM computer software.


Disclaimer: This is a helpful synopsis of the email sent by the RIAM detailing how students can access their online theory exam.

CSM accept no responsibility for inaccessibility to your exam on the day.

Please consult the RIAM email for full detailed information.


Please see a copy and pasted email from the RIAM which provides all the details for how to access your online theory exam.


As a registered parent, you should have received a copy of this email but if you would like us to forward it on to you, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


You should also have received LOGIN DETAILS from the RIAM on Wednesday 11th November 202

Kind regards,


CSM Admin Team





Important information about  RIAM Theory Exams 2020



Dear Exams Community,

We hope you are staying safe and well at this time. We are contacting you with some important information about your upcoming RIAM Theory Exam, online from 12 midday on the 14th of November. We have updated our website with information for your upcoming Online Theory Exam. After you read this email please click on the button below to visit our site.


Important Information

  • The link for the Online Exams site will be live from 12 pm (midday), and open until 6 pm, you will be able to login any time and complete the exam up until 6pm
  • You will be sent login details to access the system the week commencing the 9th of November
  • Please be aware that you must use Chrome or Safari on your device in order for the system to run effectively
  • The login will give you access to your advance practice session (next week), and your exam (14th Nov)
  • Each candidate must have access to a separate email address in order to access the online system

To help you with accessing the system we have created short guides to assist you. Once you have been sent your login details next week you can refer to these on our website to help:



Exam Requirements

You will need access to;

  • A smartphone, tablet, or PC that has good internet access and can take pictures (camera/webcam). We recommend you use a tablet or computer to access the system
  • Paper and pencils
  • A Theory Resource Paper from RIAM (that can be downloaded)


The Exam can be completed by answering a combination of onscreen and written questions (which will be captured in a picture and uploaded)


There is no specialised music notation software required for the exam or additional specialised hardware

Younger candidates should have the help of a parent/guardian in helping them navigate the system and assist in the uploading of answers. Candidates aged 16 and under should have an adult present when completing the exam.

We provide accessible options for special needs candidates, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you require further information on this.

You will be permitted to login in advance to test the system, and we will contact you with details during the week commencing the 9th of November.


Theory Resource Papers


To complete the Online Theory Exam candidates will need a hard copy of the Theory Resource Paper, which will correspond to the online system questions. You must visit our website, click on the name of the paper you require, then save and print it. You will need a hardcopy paper ready on the day of the Exam.


Please note- if you have already requested a paper version when registering these will be delivered next week, to the address you provided at the time of registration. We cannot accept any further requests for paper delivery at this point.


We will contact you again with login details for your practice session, and more information to help you with your exam.


Please visit our website to access more information, and download your Theory Resource Paper:



CSM Team Smile