Welcome to Castleknock School of Music (CSM).

Our philosophy is to provide excellent music tuition and to provide stimulating music classes that will develop in our students a real and lasting love of music.

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CSM'S 22nd Summer Gala Concerts 2017

Sunday 7th May 2017

2.00pm & 4.00pm

Freemason's Hall

Molesworth Street

Dublin 2

CSM’s 22nd Gala Summer Concert will be held in Freemason’s Hall on Sunday 7th May at 2.00pm & 4.00pm. A selection of students & teachers will perform on piano, violin, flute, clarinet, saxophone, guitar and voice to include both solo and ensemble performances.

This is a very popular annual event. All parents and students welcome!

Tickets: Adults €12.00  Children and Senior Citizens: €6.00  Family Ticket: (2 adults + 2 children) €28.00

Tickets available from reception at Ongar Tues/Wed/Thurs 2.00 - 7.00pm or Sat 10.00-4.00pm 

                                                                                      CSM Team Smile 


Learn To Play Days - Thursday 8th June 2017 at Draíocht Arts Centre Blanchardstown & Saturday 10th June 2017 Blanchardstown Library


Castleknock School of Music / Mini Music Academy & Instrumental Classes


Ever wondered what it would be like to play a piano, pluck a violin string or blow into a saxophone? Well, now you can with Castleknock School of Music’s ‘Learn to Play Music Day’, where you can come and try an instrument and it’s absolutely FREE!! There are also ‘Mini Music Classes’ available for ages 6 months to 8+ years. This promises to be a great afternoon to LEARN a little about MUSIC and have some FUN!!!! 

Places FREE but LIMITED - Advanced Booking Essential!!!!!

FREE Learn to Play Day 1 - Thursday 8th June 2017-13:30-17:30-Draíocht Theatre

Book Direct with Draíocht Theatre on 01-8852622


6-24 mths  Busy Babies   13:30 14:00
2-3 Yrs Bonny Bluebirds   14:10 14:40
3-4 Yrs Red Robins   14:50 15:20
4-5 Yrs  Pink Bears   15:30 16:00
5-6 Yrs    Try it Out: Pathway to Piano 15:30 16:00
5-6 Yrs Yellow Bunnies   16:00 16:30
5-6 Yrs   Try it Out: Adventures in Violin  16:30 17:00
6-7 Yrs    Try it Out: Adventures in Violin  15:30 16:00
6-7 Yrs    Try it Out: Gateway to Guitar 16:00 16:30
6-7 Yrs  Green Frogs   16:30 17:00
6-7 Yrs   Try it Out: Pathway to Piano 17:00 17:30
7+ Yrs   Try it Out: Adventures in Violin  16:00 16:30
7+ Yrs   Try it Out: Pathway to Piano 16:30 17:00
7+ Yrs   Try it Out: Gateway to Guitar 17:00 17:30
8+ Yrs   Try it Out: Flute/Clarinet/Sax 14:50 15:30

CSM & MMA Team Smile


FREE Learn to Play Day 2 - Saturday 10th June 2017 10:00-16:30-Blanch Library

Book with Margo (CSM) 01-8261100 / email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


6-24 Mths Busy Babies   10.00 10.30
2-3 Yrs Bonny Bluebirds   10.40 11.10
3-4 Yrs Red Robins   11.20 11.50
4-5 Yrs Pink Bears   12.00 12.30
5-6 Yrs Yellow Bunnies   12.40 13.10
5-6 Yrs   Try It Out  Pathway to Piano 13.10 13.40
5-6 Yrs   Try It Out  Gateway to Guitar 13.10 13.40
5-6 Yrs   Try It Out  Adventures in Violin 13.10 13.40
6-7 Yrs   Try It Out  Pathway to Piano 13.50 14.20
6-7 Yrs   Try It Out  Gateway to Guitar 13.50 14.20
6-7 Yrs   Try It Out  Adventures in Violin 13.50 14.20
6-7 Yrs Green Frogs   14.20 14.50
8-12 Yrs   Try It Out  Pathway to Piano 15.00 15.30
8-12 Yrs   Try It Out  Gateway to Guitar 15.00 15.30
8-12 Yrs   Try It Out  Adventures in Violin 15.00 15.30
8-12 Yrs   Try It Out  Flute/ Clarinet / Sax 15.00 15.30
Teens   Try It Out  Flute/ Clarinet / Sax 15.40 16.20
Teens   Try It Out  Piano 15.40 16.20
Teens   Try It Out  Guitar 15.40 16.20
Teens   Try It Out  Violin 15.40 16.20


We look forward to meeting you and your family at our Learn to Play Days in

Draíocht Theatre and Blanchardstown Library. 

Another family day of making music. Our gift to you! 


CSM & MMA Team Smile


Early Music Education Workshop

Sunday 26th March 2017

10.00 - 4.30pm

Studio One

Ongar Tuition Centre

4-5 The Mall, Ongar Village, Dublin 15 

Mini Music Academy Early Music Education Workshops are ideally suited to play school / Montessori teachers, community leaders, primary school teachers. music teachers, music students and parents / guardians who would like to learn more about the methodology of teaching children aged between 2-7 years. A background in music is an advantage but is not a pre-requisite for this course.

The workshops promise to be creative, educational, active, interactive, social, friendly and informative in an informal, relaxed and friendly environment. The workshops will cover:

  • The Kodály approach to education and methodology in early music education
  • How to develop children's understanding of the musical elements focusing principally on pulse, rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo and structure 
  • Activites for song singing through movement and musical games
  • How to develop creativity through composing activities
  • Listening / Responding to music through storytelling and movement
  • Use of percussion instruments in the classroom to develop pulse, rhythm and timbre
  • Active music-making for ages:
  • How to use puppets to encourage anticipation and participation
  • Activities for unconscious / conscious development of rhythm and dynamics
  • Pre-reading and writing of music activities
  • Activities to develop literacy 
  • Suitable song material to engage children and to develop pulse, pitch and rhythm
  • How to formulate a lesson plan
  • Useful resources for happy and stimulating music classes

Some of the benefits of the workshops include:

  • Opportunity to train with Early Music Education Specialists and experts in their field who have over 20 years of music teaching experience and knowledge in early music education
  • Develop your skills as an early music educator
  • Develop a systematic approach to teaching music
  • Gain ideas for active music making based on the three strands of the new music curriculum: performing, listening & responding and composing
  • Learn new songs and games to use in your class and gain an understanding of what the resource is teaching the children
  • Learn how to devise lesson plans
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance in Early Music Education Training

Cost of Workshops: €120.00

Course venue: Castleknock School of Music, Studio One, 4-5 The Mall, Ongar Village, D. 15

Terms & Conditions Apply (Please see enrolment form)


  • Book with a Friend 10% Discount (for both bookings)
  • Prior Booking is essential 


Please download the form below and send together with the fee to Ms. Margo O'Shea, Administrator, 4-5 The Mall, Ongar Village, Dublin 15. Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or bank draft via post. You can also pay by debit / credit card at reception during reception opening hours at our Ongar Centre 3.0-0[m. which is Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday 2.00 - 6.00pm or on Saturdays between 10.00 - 3.00pm.

Alternatively, you can forward the enrolment to us via email and make payment online at www.easypaymentsplus.ie. You log in, scroll to Castleknock School of Music, select Mini Music Academy Fee and make payment there.

Download enrolment form here

The workshops will be given by Eileen Brogan and Margaret Reid (Directors of MMA). Eileen and Margaret have been teaching music for over 30 years and have been specializing in early childhood music education for over 20 years.


Christmas Concerts Series Gala Concert

Pianos Plus Concert Hall

Sunday 4th December 2016


Ready! Steady! Sing! Choir sing festive carols with special solo piano performances from selected students of CSM kicks off our

23rd Christmas Concerts Series this season.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Lorraine Galvin


Nicolaus Gregory


Admission Free

All Welcome

CSM Team

Directions to Pianos Plus can be obtained by pasting the link below into Google search:



Royal Irish Academy of Music Exams Schedule for CSM


Musicianship Theory Examinations

Saturday 4th Decemver 2016 at 2.00pm

Grade III  to Senior Certificate Theory Exams

Hartstown Community School (Main Hall)

Hartstown, Dublin 15

Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your written exams

All RIAM Piano, Woodwind, Strings, Vocal, Music Theatre & Medal Awards in performance exams  

CSM Ongar Centre

Sunday 4th December 2016  

09.30am - 18.00pm

Studios 1, 6 & 7

Examiners: Ms. Evelyn Herarns, Mr. Larry Carolan & Ms. Michelle Whelan (RIAM)

Sunday 22nd May 2016  09.30am - 18.00pm

Studio 1 & Studio 7

Good luck in your exams everyone!

CSM Team






CSM Teacher Varazdat Khachatryan will appear on THE LATE LATE SHOW this evening Friday 16th September 2016 performing with Vladamir & Anton Brothers.

Not to be missed! Listen to the piano part - that's the best bit obviously!!!!!

Check out their performance on UTUBE here:



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